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What are the lights on the ceiling called

In what domestic atmosphere is built, the ceiling is indispensable an option, in indoor character, the ceiling also is a respect that has very big proportion

Are you still struggling to find the right LED hanging lights?

Are you still shopping around for quality, cost-effective LED hanging lights

Common lighting in daily life

For daily family life, lighting is essential. According to the direction of emission of light

LED flat lamp classification? This article introduces you to LED flat panel lights

Our most common LED flat lamp, mostly belongs to embedded LED flat lamp, both the flat lamp embedded in the ceiling LED flat lamp

What kind of grille lamp is the market price

The lamp was destined to be extraordinary from the day it was invented. With the development of society, there are more and more kinds of lamps

China is phasing out incandescent bulbs in favor of energy-efficient LEDS

China, one of the largest producers and consumers of incandescent bulbs, has laid out a plan to phase out the energy-intensive bulbs within five years. Plans are afoot to switch to more energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) lights, protecting the environment while offsetting energy costs.

Hong Kong Lighting Exhibition 2016

The autumn wind is rustling and the maple leaves are like fire. To the Hong Kong autumn lighting exhibition grand opening, Guangdong NA Lighting Co.,LTD. is still at home and abroad for the majority of customers to show the most novel, the highest cost-effective office lighting products

The company has strong strength, by a group of lighting manufacturing industry for more than 10 years, have rich experience, and in the industry in the top level of technical personnel

"NA Lighting", by a group of lamp manufacturing industry for more than 10 years, has rich experience, and in the industry in the top level of technical personnel, management personnel, manufacturing personnel and marketing team formed, with advanced NUMERICAL control equipment and complete experimental testing instruments. In product design and production process, we pursue high quality, safety, convenience, energy saving, comfortable, is the pursuit of high quality lighting products customers first choice.

Analysis of the difference between North America and Europe LED market access requirements

LED products as a new generation of green lighting gradually rise to the global application, but also with the global economic recovery and the development of China's LED industry, the scale of China's semiconductor lighting industry continues to grow, LED general lighting is still the most important driving force of market development. The export of China's LED lighting products shows that overseas markets are everywhere, and the export regional structure is more balanced. Among them, North America and The European Union market have become the two largest regions of China's LED products export, but the requirements of LED lamp products in the two regions are different to varying degrees, how to meet the requirements of the two regions and market demand has been the focus of Chinese manufacturers.

Is Ra=100 really the optimal color rendering?

Color is one of the human senses, and it is always related to the subjective experience of the observer. It's hard to know how each person feels when they see a color. So the study of color is always full of mysterious imagination. At the same time, color makes the world become colorful, visual art, image display and transmission, textile printing and dyeing, color printing, etc., are inseparable from the study of color. Therefore, the study of color and the objective and quantitative description of color have become the research object of many scientists.
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